Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summer O'Fun 2009 Day 22

Today we went to the Mall so I could pick up the make-up I had pre-ordered from M.A.C. at the Nordstrom's sale. Then we went to the kids' shoe department and I bought Cars two pairs of shoes. He had been wearing his sandals a lot lately then when he put his shoes on, he realized that they were too small. Almost 2 sizes!!

Then we went to the Lego Store and the kids entered a contest to guess how bricks in a Lego Pirate Statue. One of my kids guessed 500 000. I don't think he will be winning.

Then we went for swimming lessons. The pool was deserted until 3:30 (swim team starts then). I guess people were at the beach or elsewhere enjoying the 90 degree weather.

After dinner, Jax and I went for haircuts. I love his! He looks so much older!

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