Sunday, July 05, 2009

I have been a bad blogger lately! I have to admit what the problem is...Farm Town on Facebook. I spend way too much of my free time there. Gotta stop!

Last week, I took Dex and Cars to the dentist to have their cavities filled. Well, they just resealed Dex's teeth but Cars had a cavity between two teeth. What a nightmare trying to get it done. I was ready to say forget it and take him out of there and find a pediatric dentist who would put him out. I was tearing up because he was crying and so uncomfortable. Just awful! Hopefully things will be better when we go to the orthodontist next week.

We spent the end of the week getting ready for our annual 4th of July bbq. We had a great time. It was very hot so we had the slip'n'slide out for the kids but the water pressure from our hoses is not great so it was a bit of a bust. Especially when Dex tried to slide across it when it was not quite wet enough and his body stuck to the mat and his face banged onto the ground. He ended up with a bloody nose. He told me today that once he stopped bleeding and his nose stopped hurting, he thought it was pretty funny and wished that someone had taped it for "AFV".

After the party, we all walked up to the Commons (city centre) for the fireworks show. It was a great show and the moon was full which made a great back-drop for the fireworks.

Before the party, I called my MIL to ask her to interpret the potato salad recipe that Stephen had scrawled down once upon a time. When she answered the phone I asked her how she was and she said "*sigh* ok I guess". Oh. "What's new?" I asked and she started complaining about the weather (rightfully so - terrible weather in Toronto). We chatted for a bit, I got the info for the salad, etc then Stephen came home so I passed the phone to him. She told him that they had booked their flight to come visit us and that she and FIL were going to France in September.

I was pissed. Why could she not tell ME that stuff? I don't get it. She is always like that. When her brother was ill and they thought he might have stomach cancer she called and we chatted about the weather and different things for about 20 minutes before Stephen got on the phone and she told him about her brother. Same when her sister died. Etc. I am really angry about this. And I guess I am hurt else I would not feel angry. I have known this woman for 23 years yet she still treats me like an outsider or at the very least, definitely not family.

I know that if I mention something to Stephen he will say "Oh, that's just the way she is". Fuck that. Well, just the way I am, I am not going to call her again to let her know what is up with us. She can find out from Stephen.

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