Thursday, July 23, 2009

Summer O'Fun 2009 Day 24

I spent a good part of this morning crying because of course my plan to go to Toronto is falling apart. Well, that is not entirely true. My plan to easily go to Toronto is falling apart. Stephen had said "No problem" about him having time off but of course something has come up and he has to be in an all-day meeting on Monday. So, after a lot of frustration last night and this morning I was able to get it worked out. Ash will take the kids in the morning. My friend Jane will pick them up at 10:45 to take them to golf (her kids go too). Then she will deliver them back to Ash's house about 4:15 and my babysitter will pick them up on the way home from her summer job and she will take them home and watch them until 9pm when Stephen is due home. Sounds so simple now but it was very frustrating when I had no prospects earlier. I am so grateful that I have some fabulous friends who are willing and able to help me out.

Oh and tomorrow after Stephen takes me to the airport? He is taking the kids to work with him. And people say comment on the summer activities that I plan like the dentist and school supply shopping... ;)

I certainly hope he does not plan to take them in on Tuesday and Wednesday too.

Oh and somewhere in there I have thrown together a birthday party for Cars for a week and bit away and hopefully at least one child will be able to make it to the bouncy place where we are holding it.

I finally started packing and realized that virtually everything I own is black and white with one or two blue things thrown in there. Looks like I have packed for a funeral.

Ok, now I have to finish packing and decide if I am taking my laptop with me. I won't be able to use the data/network with my iPhone while I am gone because the cost is astronomical in Canada to use the data network. I will just have my phone on for calls only. If I take my laptop I will be able to check email (and farm at Farm Town!) without my mom looking over my shoulder while I use her computer.

Ok, I am taking it. Now...time to finish packing. Few updates between now and my return next week.

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