Friday, July 17, 2009

Summer O'Fun 2009 Day 19 & 20

On Thursday, Jax and Dex had swimming lessons that we had moved from Tuesday due to camping. Cars and I swam in the rec pool while the other two swam in the much colder pool. Later that evening, I had my guitar lessons. We are ready to move onto another son. So far I have learned "Hey Jude", "Maggie Mae", "Brown Eyed Girl" and "Let it Be". I think that only Maggie Mae is recognizable when I play the whole thing. But, I'll keep practicing but it is time to move onto another song. I am thinking of "Fire and Rain". I bought The Best Fake Book Ever so there are plenty of songs to chose from.

Jax and I also finished making the light box for their Lego videos.
I think it will work well for them because it takes the glare away and the camera will focus where it needs to be.

Today, it was very, very hot and we did not do much other than a trip to Costco, gassed up, got a car wash and then hit Safeway and the liquor store. We had our first Cosmo Friday in about 5 months and the kids decided that they wanted to have a Lemonade Stand at the end of the street so they set it up and sold lemonade (25 cents) and cookies (Chips Ahoy! 2 for 50 cents). They made $13 (net, not gross - I insisted that they pay me for the cost of the lemonade and cookies). Last year they had one and made $38 (I did not take out funds for my cost that time). So now that kids have $51 to split 8 ways.

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