Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summer O'Fun 2009 Day 16, 17, 18

We went camping at Lake Wenatchee State Park on Sunday and returned home today. It is the same place we camped last year. We arrived Sunday afternoon and I was bitten 8 times by mosquitoes while I checked in. Ouch!

The first night there was an incredible storm. The rain was coming down in buckets (and we found out that our tent leaks!!) and lightning and thunder. The ground even shook at one point. Dex was terrified but Cars slept through the whole thing. Jax awoke, sat up, then went right back to sleep. The next day was a little chilly and after burning through $30 worth of wood, we decided to head to Leavenworth which was about 30 minutes away. It is a cute little town that the built in a "Bavarian" style. Very cute! It was so much warmer there too.

The next two days of camping were warmer and far less windy. My kids had a great time hanging out at "Fort Wenatchee" (a little wooded area near the beach) and looking for frogs, horseback riding and burning sticks in the fire.

Stephen and I decided to take up both cars in order to cram everything in. I took Jax and Dex and folded down the 3rd row seats and he took Cars and put our new second cooler in his trunk along with the camp stove and all of the pillows. The drive there was not too bad but coming home was a little frightening for me. Driving down through the mountain pass with a steep drop off on the right made my hands very clammy. Let's add fear of heights to my fear of driving across bridges. Yikes!

Anyway, we missed Spy and her family but hopefully next year we will be on the ball and will book our campsites earlier so we can go over the weekend rather than through the week.

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