Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer O'Fun 2009 Day 4

The kids and I went to the beach to check out the tide pools during low tide. Sadly, the park we normally go to is under construction (the pedestrian bridge over the train tracks that lead to the bridge) so we went to a different beach and there were not as many nooks and crannies for the sea life so we did not see any cool things like star fish or sea cucumbers. I am kind of bummed. We did still see moon snails and their egg casings, tons'o'crabs (alive and dead), eels and geoducks (pronounced gooey-ducks). The kids had a blast. I have decided to try another low tide at the other park (it just won't be super low tide like this week) on a weekend this summer (the bridge is open after 3pm and on weekends).

Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson died today. Farrah's death was not unexpected and I did feel sorry because she was so ill. A couple of months ago, I watched the documentary that she made about her illness and it was very touching and also somewhat desperate. I felt sorry for her. Especially when her son, who is in jail on drug-related offences, came to visit her in leg irons. How sad to die knowing your son is in jail.

Michael Jackson's death is a shock because it was sudden. I feel only a little sad because I know he had a sad childhood and made him into the man he was. I believe he was a sick man who took advantage of children. Ok, yes, ALLEGEDLY took advantage. I feel badly for his children because he died owing people millions and who knows what kind of crazy he passed onto them. They have only ever been seen outside with masks or blankets over their faces.

Ed McMahon also died this week so no doubt the "things happen in threes" people are satisfied.

And yes, I am in a bad mood. I need to exercise. And I am irritated that the car we want to buy is not available in the colour choice we want or the seat configuration. Why say it is available in this configuration or that colour when really you cannot buy it that way?! Yes, really I want a bench seat in the middle row. Yes, I realize that most people do not. And no, I don't want a white car. Time to look for another type of vehicle, I think.

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