Thursday, June 04, 2009

It was another hot day. I was a chaperone on the kindergarten field trip to the zoo. It was hot and very crowded. The kids were all wearing two shirts - the ones they wore to school and the ones they made for the trip. I don't know why the teachers did not have them all change. Maybe it was a logistical problem? I also had a child who kept wandering off and it was stressing me out. By the time we left the zoo I was so done with him.

Tonight it has cooled off quite a bit and the wind has picked up. The blinds are all banging against the windows and Jax got scared and has now shut his window even though it is probably 85 degrees in his bedroom. He started thinking about "Tales from the Crypt" that was shown at a sleepover he was at last week and now he cannot sleep. I am not impressed that they showed that movie. I was told they would be watching the original of "The Blob" which is not scary at all. Now I have to deal with this. *sigh*

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