Saturday, June 13, 2009

Let's Go to the Mall, today!*

Today was at the mall (I had to get a gift card for Dex's teacher's b-day from the class) and I went into Macy's and they were having (surprise!) a sale. Ok, really, when are they NOT having a sale. Anyway, I found two pair of sandals that I liked and they were "buy two get 20% off" then I noticed a sign that stated if you use your Macy's card you get 20% off. The salesman told me that the offers could not be combined but when it looked like I might change my mind, he gave me both offers. :) Score!

Afterwards, I was in Nordstroms and walked by the M.A.C. counter. I was looking around and a semi-transgender salesperson approached me. Next thing I knew, I was seated in a chair getting make-up lessons! It was an amusing 30 minutes. No sales on make-up but I was happy to buy eyeshadow and eyeliner after such fun.

Then I stopped and had a huge Greek salad for dinner. Yum!


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