Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer O'Fun 2009 Day 3

Jax had a birthday party to go to today so we headed to the Lego store to buy a gift card (and pick up two more gifts for parties that Cars is going to this weekend). The kid whose birthday it is also loves Lego. I am glad that at age 11 they aren't too old for a toy. :)

Cars also had a playdate late in the afternoon which left Dex home alone with me. I asked him if he would like to invite someone over tomorrow to make up for the b-day party and playdate that his brothers were on but he said no, he just wanted to spend time with his brothers tomorrow. I wasn't sure if I felt sad or happy about that. Sometimes I think I have made them a little too reliant on each other.

I have a wicked migraine and I want to go to bed so badly but Stephen is still at work and I am waiting for Jackson to come home from the party. The mom called a short time ago and said they were just packing up (it was a beach party) and they'd drop Jax off as soon as they could. Stephen said he would try to be home at 9 since I had a migraine. Dex and Cars are already in bed so I just need one either Stephen or Jax to get home so I can go to bed too.

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