Tuesday, June 16, 2009

End-of-year ramble...

The kids are enjoying their last week of school. Dex had his class party yesterday. Today was field day for the whole school. Tomorrow is Cars' class party and Jax's class is having a surprise b-day party for the teacher. The kids in that class have planned all of their own parties this year. It is hard when they get to this age and do not need (want) help from parents. I am sure it only get worse as they go along.

Thursday is the last full day of school and they kids get out on Friday (half-day only).

I made some fish cookies for Cars' class party. It is a luau theme and I could not find a coconut/palm tree cookie cutter anywhere so I went with tropical fish. I am not super happy with them and haven't yet decided if the blue fish will make it into the school or not.

I am also in charge of the craft (I just ordered this craft from orientaltrading.com ), the leis and bringing in a stick for the limbo. Finally the bamboo growing in my yard has been useful!

On Thursday, I am not sure what is going on in the classrooms but I know Jax has been instructed not to bring a backpack (his desk gets packed up tomorrow) and a completely disposable lunch only. No word about Dex or Cars' bringing home all of their stuff from school.

I have not yet bought end-of-year teacher gifts. I also want to buy small gifts for the school office staff (secretaries and office manager) and for the bus driver. I will probably just end up with Starbucks' gift cards for everyone since that is what is easiest.

Anyway, here are the cookies. They do taste great (Best-rolled sugar cookie recipe).

Clown Fish

Blue Tang

Extra cookies for the boys to eat later. They look like the Pepperidge Farms fish crackers!

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