Monday, October 26, 2009

We gutted out and carved pumpkins this evening. It is early (Halloween is not for another 5 days) but we are just too busy every other evening this week so it was now or never.

Stephen normally carves all of them (well, the fancy ones, I always make a regular ol' jack-o-lantern) but this year, Jax and Dex did a great deal of theirs. Cars scooped out a bit of the guts of his and then got bored so he drew pictures while we kept working.

Here are the pumpkins:
This is Cars' scary clown. It actually freaks me out a little

Jax's headless guy

Dex's Mummy

And my Jack-o-Lantern

Hopefully the pumpkins will not rot or be eaten by bugs (or rodents!) before Saturday.

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