Monday, October 12, 2009

I volunteered at the school today for Vision Screening. It was fun to see the kids try to make an E with their fingers and then twist their hands around to follow E along the lines. Especially the little kids! Dex was the only one of my three who came to my station to be tested (20/20) but I asked the mom who tested Cars and I knew his eyesight was worse (20/30). I was surprised at the number of kids who had glasses but forgot them at home today. And I was even more surprised at the number of kids who had really bad eyesight! Like 20/50, 20/70 and there was one 6th grade girl who could not even read the 20/100 line at all! Anyway, good thing for the screening and hopefully these kids will get corrective lenses.

Our furnace stopped working sometime today and it is cool in the house. I called the repair guy and they suggested I try a few things like change batteries in the thermostat(check!), check circuit breaker (had already done that) but it still will not come on. The guy is super busy and cannot come out until possibly Wednesday. I wonder how cold the house will get between now and then. I could try to call someone else but I really like this guy. When we moved into our old house 10 years ago this past July, and I tried to turn the furnace on in September, something went POP and the furnace was broken and he was the only one who would come out that day. He is just a one-man show and I've called him every two years to service our furnace. At this new house, our furnace is very old (25 yrs) but he said it was in fairly good condition because it is inside rather than outside (most houses here have their furnaces in the garage).

Three years ago, he was voted best heating and cooling guy on the Eastside and it really did wonders for his business but wait times for service has of course increased. Which is why he cannot get here until Wednesday, I guess. Far cry from the same-day service I had 10 years ago. But he's worth the wait (as long as it doesn't get too much colder in the house!).

We'll see what happens when he comes out. In the meantime, it is fleece jackets and warm socks for us!

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