Friday, October 16, 2009

TGIF! Seriously, this has been a busy week. I spent a lot of time at school volunteering (Mon = hearing and vision screening and prep work for Art Start, Tuesday = Art Start in 4th Grade class and taking down/putting up work for teacher, Thursday = in Cars' class and then picture day - even if it were for just 20 mins!!). And today I helped Ash prep her house for putting it on the market (taping and painting, dismantling and packing/wrapping).

Cars had soccer practice this evening and it started to piss rain about 1/2 way through. It was just miserable! While I do enjoy watching soccer, I am totally a fair-weather fan and I hate them playing in the rain. Even a little drizzle makes it uncomfortable. Maybe indoor arena soccer is the way to go. Spy says she loves it because it is a much faster game but I know I would love it because it is inside. Seriously, they never cancel soccer here except for thunder/lightning! Just three more games (and two practices).

I keep thinking that I want to get a job of some sort but after a week like this, I wonder how I could possibly work and do all of these other things (hockey/soccer/swim lessons for the kids). We'd never, ever be home!

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