Friday, October 30, 2009

Shell out, shell out, the witches are out!

I haven't really much to say but I am ramping up for NaBloPoMo which means I have to ensure that I blahg everyday again.

Cars stayed home from school again because he still had a fever. He was very sad to miss his Halloween party but he held up pretty well (unlike Dex last year who sobbed and sobbed when we had to leave his early for an appointment with his neurologist). Anyway, his fever was very low this evening so I think we'll be back on our regular schedule tomorrow. And he will be able to go out Trick'r'Treating. :)

And speaking of Trick'r'Treating...I was remembering that we used to call it "shelling out". And we'd say "Shell out, shell out, the witches are out!". No one here calls it shelling out and I have caught myself a couple of times before I said it. I wonder if it is a Canadian thing? Or a Toronto-area thing?

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