Friday, October 09, 2009

Book Club

Last night, book club ended so early. I felt a little bad for the hostess but it was nice to be home before 11pm.

We have 11 members of our book club at the moment and two of them drive me crazy (well, three but the third is another story). One virtually never reads the book. Seriously, in the five years (we are about to start our 6th year), she has fully read about 10 of the books. It is a bit of a joke but it drives me crazy sometimes.

The other member never, ever, ever BUYS the book. Ever. She has a "thing" about buying books so every.single.month she will send a note out about a week before book club asking if anyone is finished with their copy of the book because she would like to borrow it to read it. EVERY MONTH! I have borrowed books from people if I cannot get it from the library and it does not look like a book that I would mind keeping. Everyone does it occasionally. But every month is ridiculous!

Ok, and the third member who bugs me just is a strong personality with a lot of quirks who says things that insults people often. Like "ANYONE who votes for Obama is CRAZY!" <- ok, not verbatim but close. She goes on and on about "those people" with tattoos not noticing that at least two of our members have tattoos. etc... She is obsessive about her books too. Spy borrowed this month's book form her and when Spy gave it back to her last night, this woman actually used a kleenex and wiped down the whole book! I laughed and said "I cannot believe you are doing that!" and she said "Well, it is dirty!".

I cannot believe that our book club has been together for so long. We have not had a huge change in membership either. One person moved away and we added two new members. The Republican obsessive-book wiper quit but then came back. I think over all we have a great group of women and I really enjoy our book club each month.

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