Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I bought the kids slurpees after swimming lessons as a treat. They all drank about 1/2 of them before we got home. Carson then managed to knock the lid off his and spill RED CHERRY SLURPEE on the CARPET! I got most of it out with club soda but I am afraid the carpet will be permanently stained. Aaargh!

Also maddening today is that I had a handyman here and he was very, very chatty. He was a very nice man and he did a good job but but it seriously took him 30 minutes to write up the invoice and leave (he was off the clock at that point). We were almost late for swimming lessons and I know he was late for his next appointment.

And I did not get to my circuit training class today and I am about to fall off the roof. What a day!

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