Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I took Dex to an ENT today to discuss his on-going sinus issues. An x-ray was taken and overall his sinuses look clear although there is one small blockage and his adenoids are enlarged. The doctor suggested that Dex could benefit from the surgery but he also said that treating his sinus stuff conservatively as we are doing (flonase, claritin) was fine too. So no surgery - whew!

After school, I took Jax and Dex for flu shots (Cars had his in September). While we were waiting to be seen, they asked if I wanted them to have H1N1 as well. I had no idea that they even had the H1N1 vaccine available so it took me by surprise. I said yes. Then while she was getting the vaccines ready, I asked if Cars could also get it since he was there too (I only had appts for the older two boys). She said "Yes!" so he got the shot too and boy was he upset. Dex and Cars are both complaining that the H1N1 really, really hurts but Jax hasn't said much. I gave Dex and Cars Tylenol when we got home but they are still holding their arms and whimpering. :\

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