Monday, September 13, 2004

What happens when you send a men out to replace a television that is on the fritz? You end up with this in your family room:

Stephen took the rubber mallet and took off the top part of our entertainment centre to accommodate this 50 inch tv. So at least he saved us some money by not having to buy the stand, right?

I cannot believe he bought it.

I cannot believe he bought it.


Apparently a kid in Jax's class is obsessed with him. I am a little disturbed by the whole thing but I think I will just sit tight and see what the teacher does next. Details can be found here.

Cars broke out in hives today at lunch. I had given him Kraft dinner and a cup of milk (which I knew he would not drink but I can dream, right?). Anyway, after a few minutes he threw it on the floor and when I looked at him I noticed the hives all under his chin and across his cheeks. I have an appointment now with the allergist on the 5th of October. I am assuming it is from milk but maybe the soy in the margarine from the Kraft dinner? Dunno...

Ok, tv is finally working so I am off to bed. Shit this thing is huge.

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