Monday, September 06, 2004

We took the boys to the driving range today. Dex is good! He connects with the ball everytime. Jax swings like me. He pulls up and hits the top of the ball (if at all!). LOL They had a blast and it was so fun to watch them.

Tonight when I took the boys to bed Jax wanted to read from his science book that I bought for him from Costco. He is getting so good at reading. And he is excited about reading which is so great.

While Jax was reading, Dex asked me to help him write his name. I wrote it in upper then lower case letters. A few minutes later he wrote a 4 but it looked a little wonky. I told him that it looked almost like a 4 and he announced that it was a "lower case 4" and that was why it looked different.

Cars sprouted another tooth. I think he now has 8 or 9 in his mouth. He is so funny. He will not sit in the high chair anymore so it is going back in the garage. He sat at the table in a regular chair for two days until Stephen fished out the booster chair from the garage. He is quite happy to sit there with us. He insists on being outside when Jax and Dex are. He gets mad when I have ketchup or salsa to dip my food in if I have not given him any.

God I love my kids.

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