Wednesday, September 08, 2004

I am getting cranky in my old age. Chalk up another person for the ignore list.

Dex started back at swim lessons today. He was excited that he got to swim with CJ rather than the Swim Nazi (CJ is her son). Dex needs practice kicking his legs. Seems he forgot how over the summer.

I signed Dex up for sports sampler too which starts at the end of the month. I am bummed though because the 10 o'clock class is full and that is the class that his friend, Ramsey is signed up for. So we are in the 11 o'clock class. Ramsey's mom said she might move the the 11 class because the son of another friend of hers is in it. I hope so.

Ok, time to go clean the kitchen. Have to shine my sink before bed. (right - I am just going to scrap the big pieces of food off the floor).

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