Friday, September 10, 2004

A few weeks after 9/11, my friend DeniSe called me to tell me that she was pregnant. I feel horrible saying this but I was not happy for her at all! I kept thinking that people had to be insane to want to bring children into this world after what had happened. Didn't she realize that the world as we knew it was changing? Why on earth would she want to subject a child to it?

I held this believe for a couple of years...until I got pregnant with Cars. Actually, from time to time I still doubted that I was doing the right thing. There were people who would want to KILL my children because of the country of their birth and here I was bringing another target into this very scary world.

But here we are, three years after the event and 13 months after Cars's birth. Despite the uncertainty, I know we made the best decision. My life is not filled with dread but with hope for the future. The future for my children and for the world.

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