Thursday, September 09, 2004

One a day. Just like the vitamins. That is how often people are going on IGNORE. Hostile, indeed!

Today was the "Return to School Barbeque" at Jax's school. They needed to know how many people in advance because it was "catered" by a bbq place north of here. The bbq (beef ribs, pork ribs, chicken) is supposed to be the best around. It smelled so good, smoking away in the parking lot. There were 650 tickets sold ($10/adults, $4/children). There were 650 tickets sold and there were 2 people serving dinner. Let me rephrase... There were 2 people serving dinner to 650 people. So I stood in line for an hour while Stephen watched the kids on the playground. At least I was standing close to Ash and I met two very nice women, one of whom is the mom of a kid in Jax's class. Finally we got our food and it was incredibly mediocre. And it was also nearly bedtime for the boys.

JP and Marilyn were to come again this weekend but have pushed it out another weekend. I have no Smarties! What shall I do?

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