Friday, September 17, 2004

Jax has an inhaler now. Allergist was worried about a cough he has. She said there was no real "wheeze" but the cough was bad enough. Anyway, Albuterol completely wires him up for about 1/2 hour after he takes I did not give it to him tonight. I hope he sleeps ok.

Tomorrow morning Stephen and I are going to a baptism class. We need to take it before the church will baptize Cars. Stephen is livid because he thinks it is a waste of time, you know the whole "I was raised a Catholic, why do I need to go?!" and "They just want our money". Cripes, if I could go alone I would. Anyway, it is a whole 2.5 hours out of his life and another hour for the mass while Cars is baptized. I am a little upset with him at the moment about this.

Dex had a great first day of preschool at the new school. The drop-off/pick-up worked out well (although it was a bit of a wait at the drop-off). The school has a rule that if the child is not in a car seat they will not take them out of the car. The parent must go and park the car on the road and walk the child into the school. I saw one dad being told to park because the child was STANDING in the back seat as the dad drove in.

Cars has another cold. Poor boy.

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