Thursday, March 18, 2010

I taught Art today in Dex's class. The class is working on "Assemblage Art". I got the idea from DickBlick Art Materials. Today the kids assembled and glued their projects. Next week they will paint it with gesso.

While I was in Dex's class, Music Teacher came in and started looking at the kids' art work and he chatted for a minute with Dex's teacher then he came over to me and said that he needed to speak to me when I had a minute. I really did not want to talk to him after school so I said if it would just take a minute we could go into the pod outside of the classroom.

Now, before I go on, let me remind you that Music Teacher is the one who bullied Jax when Jax was in 4th grade. And the letter Jax wrote to him as well as my .

In the pod, Music Teacher starts by telling me about some masks they are making in music class (Opera masks) and how Jax made his 1/2 evil and 1/2 good and Music Teacher did not think that was the right way to make it and he told Jax that it made him look schizophrenic. Then Music Teacher said that Jax got really quiet and he thought he might be tearing up and he realized that calling Jax schizophrenic was probably not the best choice of words. He said he apologized and was going to look up Opera Masks to see if sometimes they are indeed painted that way... All of this was just gushing out of him. Then he said that because of their history, he thinks that Jax is a little sensitive about the things he says and he just wanted to be sure that we know he really did not think that Jax was schizophrenic and if he finds out about the masks he will be sure to tell the whole class blah blah blah.

I just kept looking at him wondering how he knew I was in Dex's class and once he said the thing about the history, I realized that he was just trying to cover his ass. I thanked him for telling me and said I would talk to Jax.

After school, when I asked Jax about it, he said that he was upset that he might have to redo all of the hard work he had done on his mask. I think the schizophrenic comment went right over his head but the fact that Music Teacher made a big deal about it in front of the class did not.

And I am still wondering how Music Teacher knew I was in Dex's class. He had not tried calling me at home or on my cell phone. I had signed into the school in the office before going to Dex's class but I don't imagine Music Teacher would have just looked through the log in the event that I might be there. I did see the principal when I was in the office so maybe he did go to her and she told him I was in the school somewhere. Curious...

And here's the 4th Grader's Art Work so far...remember, it will all be white-washed with gesso...

I'll post more after they are white-washed!

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