Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I met with the principal yesterday about the music teacher. She already knew what had happened because he had gone to see her and said "You will never believe what I just said...". She told him to call me immediately to tell me but he had seen me in the school so he found me and you know the rest.

Anyway, I told the principal that I just wanted him to stop saying stupid shit to Jax. Ok, I said inappropriate comments. And I want him to apologize to Jax in front of the whole class. She suggested that I speak to him so I am meeting with him on Thursday morning.

Jax is away this week at outdoor education camp so it is nice to give us this time to work things out because if he had to go to music before we had this all worked out I would be super mad.

And of course all of this emotion had made the rosacea on my face flare up. Ugh!

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