Tuesday, March 09, 2010

I went back to the eye doctor today and she tweaked my prescription and will remake my glasses (I am assuming on her dime). It is just the right eye. She lowered the astygmatism number back to what my current one is. She had me try on these horrible glasses with my prescription (and the changes) and walk around her office. I was so embarrassed. One lady laughed and said to the doctor "I am glad you like ME!" Anyway, I should finally get the non-barf-and non-headache inducing glasses within a week.

I also had a dentist appointment today. Once again they told me that I need replace my silver fillings with porcelain onlay$. $eriou$ly?! *After* insurance (which pays 50%), it would be $487.50 out of my pocket. I think I can live with my silver fillings. And I have 4 that they want to replace. I am sorry but I just do not have $2000 laying around to make my molars look prettier. Besides, I am saving up to buy me some Shania teeth.

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