Thursday, March 25, 2010

I met with Music Teacher yesterday morning. He showed me Jax's opera mask which was not nearly as bad as he made it seem. I told Music Teacher that Jax had asked him if he could colour it that way and Music Teacher replied "Be creative!" but then he told me that is not what he meant by "Be creative". He meant to draw little curlie-cues or triangles or circles within the mask. So why didn't he just say that?

And the schizophrenic comment? He explained that he really should have known better because he has a family member who is schizophrenic. I agreed again that the comment was really over the top.

Music Teacher said he will apologize to Jax in front of the whole class and initially, that is what I thought that I wanted. However, I started thinking that really I don't trust this guy and who knows exactly what he would say or how he would say it. I am sure he would qualify the apology so I told him that we'd prefer that he apologize privately to Jax.

I am just so thankful that next week is spring break then there are just 10 1/2 weeks of school (and one of those weeks we will be on vacation - more on that another time). After that time, Jax will not have to have anything else to do with this teacher. And this whole schizophrenic thing would not have been an issue if the peanut butter issue had not happened two years ago. At least, Music Teacher would not have made a huge deal about it.

Tomorrow is Friday and Jax comes home from camp. It has been a quiet week without him.

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