Thursday, November 17, 2005

What a week. I am still in vacation mode and have a hard time getting back to normal. Plus Stephen has been late everynight this week so the days seem so long.

Tonight was book club. We discussed Jennifer Weiner's "Goodnight Nobody". Funny, we all identified with the main character yet no one would admit to being like the supermoms in the book although everyone has some of that in them. heh

The kids got their report cards today. They were good but not great. Not sure why I expect my kids to be Einsteins AND behave like angels in class. Dex received two "NOT AT STANDARDS" for behaviour issues (working independently and working in a group). :\ It will be interesting to see what the teachers say about him when we meet with them next week. Jax did pretty well too but there was a comment about his messy handwriting. It has greatly improved since September but apparently it is still bad enough to comment on.

Tomorrow I MUST buy some food for the house. Jax asked why we were eating so much junk food these days. I keep meaing to go in the evenings when Stephen gets home but it just gets too late and I am too tired. Tomorrow when Nanny is here...

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