Monday, November 28, 2005

Thought I had better update my blog before the power goes out. We have had terrific winds all day today and a storm is heading this way with SNOW! The wind storms often knock the power out - for hours and once for a day and a half!.

The forecast says:

Snow, heavy at times. Accumulations of 4-12" likely. Snow level 500-1,000'. Highs 26-30. Mountain Pass winds initially easterly 10-25 mph, becoming westerly 5-20 mph.

We are at 500'. :(

It was freaking COLD out today. The puddles were ice. I am such a baby complaining about this weather when Heidi lives in Alaska, Kimmer and Snapper live in Michigan and Ramona lives in Canada (ok, just Toronto but Canada sounds colder!). But this is cold for here! It usually does not get so cold until January. I need to fish out some winter gear for the kids for tomorrow in case they still have school.

I hope the school is not closed tomorrow!

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