Saturday, November 26, 2005

We took the kids bowling today. They had a blast. Except for Cars who was not allowed to bowl because he is not yet 4 (although I know for a fact that we took Dex bowling at the same place when he was 2.5!). I have no strength in my wrist and it HURT to throw the ball. Guess there is no career in my future as a professional bowler. That reminds me of when I was a child the only thing on tv on the weekend afternoons was bowling! (we did not have cable).

I have done no shopping this weekend. Can you believe it? I just don't know what to buy anyone for Christmas. I need to sit down and figure out what to get everyone and get busy.

Ok, I do know that Jax wants a turtle for a pet for Christmas and Stephen is entertaining the idea of getting him one. ugh! I don't want one. They creep me out - as does most other animals except cats but Jax and I are both allergic to them.

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