Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Day 3

Where do I begin?  The carpenters came to install the floating vanity but here were ever so many problems. First, while we ordered a 48" vanity to replace the old 48" vanity they are not equal. This new one has drawers that are flush with the very sides of the vanity whereas the old ones drawers were inset a bit towards the middle. So, that allowed for those old drawers to open without hitting the door jam!!  Also, where this vanity has special cleats on which to mount the vanity on the wall, the carpenter said there was no way he would mount them right into drywall and the while thing needed to be mounted into the studs for support. Makes sense but that means the vanity has to be offset an inch that will leave an inch gap between the vanity and the wall. Not the look I was wanting.

Then we looked at the vanity top with integrated sink and noticed there was a big chip out of the corner of the top. It is supposed to be installed today I shouted in my head!  So, the designer got on the phone and  by the afternoon we had confirmation that they were sending a new vanity too that should arrive on Monday!  Aargh!

Then, because of course there's more,  the tubs would not fit. Fortunately, I was not home when they realized this as I am sure I would have stroked out. And our designed [who is fabulous] worked with the plumbers to get it in, which meant  cutting some of the framing. Now because of this issue, the general contractor guy had to come in and repair the cut framing. Of course he is not very happy about this because he was expected to come in and start tiling.  In fact, he was supposed to start early at 7:30am but because of the plumbing issues,  he didn't get around starting until 3pm. 

So, we are a couple of days behind Schedule but hoping to make up that time on the weekend. How will I survive?

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