Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Day 10

No new photos as there was not a lot of action done today.  Some tiles had to be taken out and refitted because they had slipped in the thin set (mostly the glass tile in the backsplash downstairs).  Also, the replacement vanity/sink arrived and I freaked out because the box was damaged and attached was a HUGE PINK NOTICE that said that the shipper was not responsible for any damage.  I made the delivery guy sit and wait while I opened the box and checked over very slowly and carefully.  I figured this was fair since was (once again) 1.5 hours late past the delivery window of 11am-3pm (it was the same late delivery truck driver as two weeks ago!).  Anyway, it all looked fine as far as I could tell.

So tomorrow morning the tile that was fixed will get regrouted.  The sink will be installed upstairs.  The drywall guy will come in the evening to texture all of the places that need texturing.  Hopefully the painters will come by to give us a bid.

After the painting is done (hopefully by Tuesday), the guys will come and install the medicine cabinets, the storage cabinet, the towel bars, toilet roll holders.  Another week after that the glass shower doors will be installed upstairs  (we'll just use a tension rod with a shower curtain in the meantime).

And now it is on to plan for the next project.  Gas cooktop and gas fireplace.  I think the cooktop will happen first although I have been talking about the gas fireplace for ages.  We'll have the gas lines plumbed for both at the same time though.

Ok, more pictures tomorrow!

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  1. I love cooking with gas. We have prepared our kitchen for gas during this reno. However; we are not putting in a new stove until our current one expires. Good choice!