Monday, June 03, 2013

Bathroom remodel day 2

Technically this is the third day since the bathrooms were ripped out 2 days ago but there was no action yesterday.

Today we have major drywall ripping out which was not expected so a drywall expert is coming TONIGHT so we can get back in track tomorrow. Plumbers have been here for 4.5 hour$ so far and the tubs still are not in place which they need to be before the carpenter comes in to install the cabinets. And until the upstairs bath cabinet is in, the tile guy cannot start. I wonder when we will really be done.

One good thing about the plumber being here is that he noticed a problem on our hot water tank and he will fix it before he goes.  Some copper line droops down rather than go straight across and it should have been caught when the house was inspected.  :\

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