Friday, June 21, 2013

Day 20 - The Reveal...NOT!

So, like you, I was expecting the bathrooms to be done today.  However, they are not.  Mostly there (besides the shower doors which we knew would not be here until next week).  The guys came and they did not have the right drill bit today to drill through the porcelain tile although they have known for MONTHS that they need to drill through the tile and the drill bit has been an "issue" for at least 2 weeks when they kept pointing fingers at each other to say "he should drill the holes" and "No, *he* not he should drill" etc because I gather the drill bit is expensive and no one wants to buy it.  I had told our designer I would buy the friggin thing if it meant the bathroom would get done on time.  She assured me it would get worked out and here we are, not worked out. 

I am mad and disappointed.  I want the boxes gone. I want the pallets gone. I want to try to scrub the ground in grime on my carpet (don't get me started there - so much for carpet mask).  I want my house back and I want to be able to enjoy my beautiful bathrooms!  Wah!

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