Friday, June 14, 2013

Day 13

The painters were back today and finished up the bathrooms. I also hired them to paint my front door black but there was a problem. 
The door is BLUE!!  A charcoal-blue.  The paint store screwed up the formula.  And the painters have no time to come back to fix it for about 2 weeks!  Thankfully the blue is not too blue.  But aargh!  Always something!
No action this weekend (we need the rest). Then the plumber returns on Monday to put in the final faucet.  Electrician on Tuesday and carpenter guys on Wednesday to put up the cabinets and towel bars, tp holders, etc. 
The bathrooms need a good scrubbing too.  Designer suggested we hire a cleaner but I will keep my money and clean it myself.  After the restful weekend.  ;)

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