Sunday, June 30, 2013

Back to an ordinary day

Today it is hot!  DH and I spent the morning cleaning out the garage, cutting up the pallets that the bathroom furniture came on and loading up the back of the SUV with junk for the dump (transfer station actually).  We put away the leftover tile and grout and threw out a lot of broken toys (mostly lightsabers and Nerf shooters).  Stephen can now park his car back in the garage for the first time in 5 weeks.  And the garage is tidy and clean for our party on the 4th.

In the garage we have a stash of booze - Mike's Hard Lemonade, beer, champagne, etc. I was thinking with the kids the ages that they are now, I should think twice about keeping it readily in view.  And not just for my kids but for their friends who pop buy.  How easy would it be to slip a bottle into their jacket pockets when they walked by the wall of beverages (pop and water bottles are there too).  I don't think my kids are bad kids of course but they are teenagers and I remember drinking beer that my friends had taken from their parents.  My parents rarely drank anything other than wine and gin so we only ever had 1 bottle of gin and my mom knew exactly how much there was so there was never any sneaking anything out of it!

And along with kids growing up, my oldest just got his learner's permit and started driver's education this past week.  He has not actually been behind the wheel of  a car yet.  I am nervous!  He is nervous!  My children are growing up and I cannot believe it is happening so fast.

I saw a link to this on facebook today and I had a good little cry as I watched it:

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