Saturday, June 15, 2013

Day 14

Nothing happening today.  We have no one coming or going this weekend at all which is nice.  We all slept in and lazed about the house for a while this morning which was very nice.

I cleaned the two bathrooms and there are a few small issues that I have to bring up to our designer. 
  • There some markings on the wall upstairs that the tile guy made to remind himself of where to cut the tile.  I scrubbed but cannot get them off
  • Some grout remaining on the accent tile that I cannot get off
  • The bathtub stopped leaks and the tub drains.  Not too fast but enough to notice and it would suck to take a bath in there
  • Downstairs there are some black marks on the light taupe tile that I could not get off while scrubbing
  • Writing on one floor tile that does not come off (says FLOOR so I think the tile guy just wrote himself a note about which tile was floor and which was wall tile)

And of course the chip in the brand new tub that will cost $300 to repair.  Looks like gabby tile guy (no consistent name for him here) dropped a tile on the tub and there is a gouge in the acrylic.  It is in a "good" stop for being able to try to hide it but I friggin' spent hundreds of dollars on the tub and several hundred dollars more to have it installed and there is a gouge in it.  Aargh!  We held back $300 of the fee for the tile guy to pay for it.  My designer thinks it will be about $250.  I told her it had better not come in at $300 plus TAX because then I would be out $30 for taxes and I will be very angry about it.

No action tomorrow either but on Monday the plumber $hould arrive to in$tall the faucet and drain in the up$tair$ bathroom.  Tuesday the electrician is coming to finish up that work.  Wednesday are the guys to install the medicine cabinets, storage cabinet, towel bars, tp holders, etc.  Friday is the tub repair guy and the following week is the frameless shower door for upstairs (curtain rod for down!).  I will be so happy to be done!

Edited to add photos of gouge in tub:
Close up of gouge.  You can tell it was hit with the corner of something hard.  Like a porcelain wall tile!

It is hard to see it because of the shadows (we only have the heat lamp for lighting in there right now) but the gouge is along the little lip in the tub, just down from the edge of the tub.  It is a good location in terms of it will be hard to see once the glass shower doors are on (hard to see from outside of the tub).

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