Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The Write Stuff?

Cars' teachers emailed me today to tell me that they are concerned with the way he grips his pencil because, to them, it looks so painful. They suggested that I work with him at home to correct his grip and I should send in soft pencil grips for him to use at school.

Now, just to say, Cars has very nice handwriting. He does hold the pencil with his thumb, three fingers and resting on his baby finger (as opposed to holding it with thumb, forefinger and resting on middle finger). Both Dex and Jax hold it with two fingers and rest on their ring finger. I have tried to correct them but they say it is not comfortable. Now both Jax and Cars have nice handwriting while Dex's is horrible. Dex is also a lefty (which contributes slightly to his bad writing but mostly it is probably just genetic as Stephen has atrocious handwriting).

So, I will buy Cars some pencil grips for school and for home and will encourage him to fix his grip. I almost don't want to even bother because, as I said, his penmanship is good for his age (IMO) and he doesn't want to change. I am not going to battle him over it. We'll see what happens.

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