Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I am so happy that this week is over. Ok, yes I know it is only Wednesday but there is no more school for the week (mid-winter break). Because Valentine's Day is on Sunday and there is no school between now and Tuesday, all of the Valentine's Day parties were today. So there were Valentines and candies and donuts to buy as well as heart-shaped cookies to bake. Oh and a Valentine's Day box to create and and and...

Now I can breathe a bit.

Except that haloscan, the site that hosts my blog comments is going away on Saturday so now I need to find a way to save my blog comments and then set up a new commenting system. They have arranged for an easy transfer to echo but it is paid site. Is having a comment section worth $12/year?? Hmmm...

Edited to add that I have echo free for 30 days. At least my haloscan comments will be saved for at least that long.

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