Tuesday, February 02, 2010

The crawlspace guys came back to finish up the job. They stripped the insulation from the duct work in the crawlspace, re-sealed the ducts and then re-insulated it.

Whey they showed up, I swear I smelt pot on them. I was shocked at first and then I thought that perhaps if I spent my days in crawlspaces, I might do it too! Ok, just kidding but really, it has got to be a horrible job. Last week, my kids and I were watching Dirty Jobs and Mike was crawling around in a crawlspace that has waaaay less room than ours. And it had dead skunks in it. P.U. Yes, a horrible job.

And tomorrow Puget Sound Energy is coming to check out the crawlspace company's work because they subsidized some of the work and offered rebates on the insulation used to insulate the crawlspace so they want to make sure it was installed correctly. I guess they check out 1/10 installations so it will be nice to be assured that the work is done because there is no way I am going down there to check it out.

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