Saturday, February 20, 2010

Cars' foot is much better. He is still limping a bit but not too much. He was able to play hockey on Thursday and again today.

I am a little concerned about Jax. He has been very quiet in the past few days and when I speak to him, his affect is very flat. I worry a bit that he might be suffering from depression. Geez, that is hard to say. I am going to see how his mood is over the next month and then decide what to do next. I know if I mention it to Stephen he will brush it off. :(

He also did not win the school "lottery" for the Choice junior high that he applied to. That school focuses on "Art and Reasoning". It is just as well that he did not get accepted because none of the kids he is closest too who applied won the lottery either. Jax is #30 on the wait list (for a 32 slots in the school) so he is not even close to get in. Too bad. I think the smaller school would suit him.

We are trying to get a date for our rescheduled trip to Great Wolf Lodge. We are definitely going to take the kids out of school for it. I just need to reschedule a few things and we should be able to go within the next month.

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