Sunday, February 14, 2010

I went for a physical the other day and asked the doctor (ok, nurse practitioner - I don't think I've seen my actual doctor in like 4 years!) about my poor ravaged face. She diagnosed me with rosecea and gave me a prescription for some gel to use on my face twice each day. No improvement yet (in fact, things might be a little worse today).

So, at book club on Thursday, we were talking about teenage years and the subject of zits came up. I mentioned that I had been diagnosed with rosecea which is one of the reasons why my face looks like it does (red and sore!) and the hostess pipes up "Alcoholics get rosecea". I am not quite sure or not if she was saying I was an alcoholic.

Of course, she is the same woman who said that if you have a positive attitude then you will beat cancer and in the next breathe, "Hey, didn't your dad die of cancer?"". WTF?!

And, this woman rarely comes to book club yet she always seems to have something to say about how we run it (like commenting how she's noticed that not everyone reads the book and if affects our discussions - how would she know when she only comes to 2 or 3 each year?!).

I wonder if we can impeach a member? ;)

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