Thursday, February 11, 2010

We were supposed to go to Great Wolf Lodge today but Dex was sick (barf-o-rama) so we postponed our trip and will reschedule for sometime before May 18th (at which time GWL told us that our reservation would expire). Anyway, Dex barfed all over my sheepskin boots. Wah! Good thing they are just the Co$tco Kirkland brand and not Uggs! My niece told me to take the boots to the dry cleaners to be cleaned but I wonder if that would just cost as much as new boots ($40).

Dex seems to be feeling better and was able to keep down two bowls of cereal at 8pm tonight. At first I thought he was just sick from eating too much junk food and candy at the Valentine's Day party in his class yesterday but then after he vomited (outside of Jack-in-the-Box and all over my boots), I found out from Spy that her son had been sick as well and then another mom told me that another boy in their class was out for a stomach bug I realized it was something that was going around. And I was a little less irritated with Dex for smearing frosting 1" thick on his cookie in class and then piling it up with sweethearts, sprinkles, white chocolate chips and some kind of red gummy candy. It is not always good to volunteer in your child's class.

So, we just all hung out at home today but Stephen will go to work tomorrow and save the scheduled vacation day for another time. I think I might take the kids to see a movie.

And thankfully no hockey this weekend because I would freeze since I cannot wear my vomit-stained boots around. Ugg...I mean Ugh!

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