Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bullet Dodged?

On Monday, we received an email from the Toyota dealership telling us that they had received dealer delivery date (well, date range) from Toyota. Our new vehicle was going to be delivered between February 9th and February 16th. FINALLY! I was a little bit excited but then I thought "I'll believe it when it is sitting in my driveway". And sure enough...the vehicle is recalled and all sales of the vehicle are stopped AND they have stopped production of the vehicle until further notice.


The car broker called us and said she would contact the dealer and find out what that means about our car but no response yet. Stephen told her that it seem we are getting lots of negative mojo around this whole deal.

Or, maybe all of these road blocks were to ensure that by the time we did get the car, it would be SAFE (and not have the faulty accelerator)?

In any event, we'll wait to find out if/when the problem will be fixed. In the meantime, I've spent a lot of today on, MSN Autos and looking at other cars.

Friggin' Toyota.

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