Saturday, January 23, 2010

He Shoots! He Scores!

Today, Cars' team (and the other Mite-Minor team in the league) were filmed for "Evening Magazine" which is a pseudo-news program on King5 here in Seattle. They do little "feel good" stories. They wanted to tape some young kids playing hockey and they will feature the story during the Olympics (King5 is our local NBC station).

Anyway, as part of the story, it was arranged for one of the dads on the blue team, who used to be an NHL goalie, to suit up and let the kids have a shoot out. It was so cute seeing the kids skate down the ice and shoot the puck. Of course the goalie was such a good sport and made a big show of trying to stop the pucks but most did end up in the net. Each kid got to do it twice and Cars was so excited that he scored both times.

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