Thursday, January 07, 2010

I spent 3 HOURS cutting out circles for a 5th grade teacher today (I don't even have a child in 5th grade!). I am beginning to regret signing up to be a production volunteer at the school every other Thursday. While I hate photocopying because it is mindless and b-o-r-i-n-g, it at least does not cause me physical pain like cutting out 120 circles did (they had to be on tag board, not construction paper which is much easier to cut). My thumb has a little numb spot - do you think it is nerve damage?!?!).

There was not even any interesting conversations going on in the production room that I could dip in on. Spy was in there the other day and she learned that the music teacher is in his late 40's (he looks 10-15 yrs younger), and in November, I got to listen to one parent's opinion of several teachers (it was very interesting although I wish she had lowered her voice a bit).

Let's hope that next time I am there I don't have to do any more cutting. I won't complain when I have to copy reams and reams of paper. Really, I won't.

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