Sunday, January 03, 2010

Thank Yous

The kids wrote all of their Christmas Thank Yous today. My favourite was Dex's to the Reads. He wrote:

Thank you so much for the new wallet. My old one was getting pretty full.

Love it! He became very upset with me for laughing out loud. I told him I was laughing because it was sweet and funny. I tried to explain that it sounded as though his old wallet was stuffed full of money (rather than old gift cards and receipts which he could just throw away but hasn't).

And Cars wanted to write To LastName's no matter whom the thank you was for. "Don't use Granny's last name.", I would tell him, "Write 'Dear Granny'". "I don't want to" he'd reply and then "What's Auntie Ev's last name?". And "Geez, there are an awful lot of people with the same last name as us!". *sigh*

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