Wednesday, January 20, 2010

This and That and This

Today, Cars asked Dex if he knew the song "Fuzzy Wuzzy". I told him *I* knew the words but not the tune (who turned it into a song?). Cars, as always, was AMAZED that I knew something that he learned in school. Usually it is songs that he has learned in Music. As though these are kids' song so why on earth would an adult (other than a teacher) know them?

I dropped Dex off at his guitar lesson today and I noticed another store has closed in the retail complex there. There is a video game store, the music store, a hair salon, Cold Stone Creamery, a Mongolian Grill and a bike shop left. The Mexican restaurant, a gift store, something else I forget now and today they are clearing out a framing shop. I am most devastated about the Mexican restaurant because it was good and a step between fast food and a real sit-down restaurant. The owners of the music store told me they closed due to mis-management rather than the economy. The framing shop I am sure closed due to lack of business. Funny, just last week I was thinking "Wow, I cannot believe they are still here" and look what happened!

I took Jax to an open house at one of the Choice Schools offered by our school district. It is a junior high school where the focus is on "Arts and Reasoning". Admittance is based on a lottery so we have to finish filling out the application and mail it in. The school only has 90 students (30 per grade). There were probably well over 200 6th graders at the open house last night so I am not holding my breath that Jax will go but I am very hopeful that he gets accepted in the lottery. Keep your fingers crossed for him!

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