Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Well Eye'll Be Darned

I had an eye doctor appointment today because it has been almost two years since I last went plus I have several new "floaters" and I read once that you were to see a doctor if that happened. Turns out the floaters that I do have is nothing to be alarmed about but are just a sign of "aging". *sigh*

An interesting thing too is that vision in my left eye has improved. Of course the disposal contacts that I wear (I wear them just 1-2x/week and my glasses the rest of the time) do not come in such a slight prescription so now I will only have to wear a contact lens in my right eye. That will save me about $10/month. My right eye has gotten slightly worse. I was bummed because I have two boxes of those lenses left (had to use up all of my vision benefits) but the eye doctor's office will take back the unopened boxes and exchange them for the new prescription - whoo-hoo!

I am also thinking of getting new glasses. They are going to order in a pair for me:

They ordered this colour and also a red/dark grey colour. I might just get new lenses in my current glasses because I still really like them too.

I do have to go back next week for a visual field testing to check for glaucoma. I am sure I do not have it but the doctor has always been concerned about the size of my cup-to-disc ratio in my eyes and she said with my age a baseline visual field test would be good. I am not alarmed because my kids also have big disc cups so I know it is probably just something that is hereditary and does not necessarily mean glaucoma.

The best news though is that despite my age, I have excellent near vision so no need for bifocals. Not even close! I could read the very teeniest of print on the card.

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