Saturday, April 25, 2009

We had an All-hands Cosmo Friday tonight. That just meant that all of the moms, kids and dads met at Ash's house. It was nice to have a Cosmo Friday after such a long time. We played Rockband 2 and I lost my voice singing "Last Train to Clarksville". It was a fun night be we did not get home until 11:30 so the kids are going to be a mess tomorrow.

My mother called me today and asked me if I were packed yet for our trip. Um, it is still over a week away! She could not believe that I had not yet started packing. Then she reminded me to take sweatshirts for everyone. I laughed and laughed because I recently re-read one of my very first blahg entries where I mentioned that she called to remind me to take a sweater to Florida when we were planning our trip there five years ago. Gotta love her, right?

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